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Integrative Medicine

60 Years in the Making
A New Concept for the 21st Century
In our Integrative Medicine Centers the Western and Oriental medical doctors collaborate to combine the advantages of both forms of treatments. We are the only University Hospital in Korea offering our patients this optimized medical diagnosis and treatment system that draws upon over a half century of experience from Kyung Hee Universitys Medical Colleges, regarded as Asias best Oriental Medical School.
Our center has established a new medical environment by moving away from the traditional organization of a general hospital. We operate disease-oriented, organ-specific centers, where doctors from various fields work together in one center. This provides our patients with a streamlined and efficient system that reduces waiting time and allows greater collaboration amongst our medical staff.
1966 - Worlds First Acupuncture anesthesia Operation
1971 - Asias First Successful Artificial Ankle Joint Replacement
1972 - Koreas First Successful Production of Interferon (Cancer Treatment)
1982 - The Worlds First Growth Plate Transplantation
2003 - The Worlds First Successful Non-Antibody Tumor Removal from a Hemophilia             Patient